"Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work" - Seth Godin, Tribes


Project + Community Management

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Have a community that:

  • Posts in your Facebook group
  • Takes your courses
  • Comments on your blogs and ads
  • Sends emails
  • You want to nurture even more?

We all know that your community should be nurtured and interacted with on consistent basis.

Keeping up with NEW potential customers while also NURTURING your CURRENT community can be a tough balance.

Whether it’s in a private Facebook group, your Social Media Comments, or your blog post comments, I make it my business to make sure they feel taken care of. Each and every interaction will be acknowledged and responded to - upholding your vision and your message.

Currently Booking: Communities with over 5,000 followers/members that interact daily OR Paid Program Communities that require regular engagement



Reflections on life, growth, relationships, and having the hard conversations. On online business and entrepreneurship. On trusting your gut and putting yourself first. Religion, whiteness, and human experience. It's all here (sometimes as poetry).

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Diversity + Inclusion Podcast Host

You have to be willing to say the wrong thing so you can be corrected. When it comes to race, culture, religion, and other social issues, I do this. A lot. And started a podcast to share what I learn. Change your world by broadening your view.

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Community Manager

People are the common denominator of everything I do. That's why companies pay me to support their communities, both online and offline. With an HR and Life Coaching background, I'm like the house mom with badass online skills. 

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