Bridge the gap between what you think you know about people (including yourself)...and the truth.



Reflections on life, growth, relationships, and having the hard conversations. On online business and entrepreneurship. On trusting your gut and putting yourself first. Religion, whiteness, and human experience. It's all here (sometimes as poetry).

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Diversity + Inclusion Podcast Host

You have to be willing to say the wrong thing so you can be corrected. When it comes to race, culture, religion, and other social issues, I do this. A lot. And started a podcast to share what I learn. Change your world by broadening your view.

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Community Manager

People are the common denominator of everything I do. That's why companies pay me to support their communities, both online and offline. With an HR and Life Coaching background, I'm like the house mom with badass online skills. 

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Be Truthful, Not Neutral - Christiane Amanpour


The Whats 1 Thing Podcast

A show that starts with 1 question:

 "What's 1 thing you wish more people knew about being you?"

Race. Religion. Gender. Sex. Society. Jobs. Life. If it's a thing, we cover it , so we all understand just a little bit more.