Why Gen Y Can Save The World

Here are my reasons people my age should be proud – and step into their power:

1)   We actually like people for our differences.

How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t see color, I just see people for who they are”? I would like to call bullshit. 

My generation sees people for their different race, culture, or background, and asks questions. We’re not afraid to acknowledge that someone is different from us – and we want to know why. 

Why don’t you eat pork? Why are there so many gods in your religion? 

We ask questions so that we can understand – and once you explain, we share our side, but we don’t try to get you to be like us.

2)   We’re super connected to what’s going on – and don’t believe what we see.

Some call our social-media trained minds a bad thing. But we don’t have to wait weeks to receive letters from friends and family in other countries, we can talk to them in seconds. 

The power of this instant communication is that we can receive details of news stories from people who were physically in natural disasters, bombings, or whatever and those stories get transferred to millions in a matter of seconds. 

Think about it – why does it feel like the Presidential Elections get more and more stressful as the years go on? Because it’s getting harder and harder to keep secrets.

3)   We want our vacation time.

What does “The American Dream” even mean? Work your ass off and be lonely at the top? We’re not buying it. 

So many companies have emerged in the last decade that cater to creativity, fun, and people – because working hard and just getting paid isn’t keeping people happy anymore. 

Soon they’ll all be like that. 

I’d like to thank the threatening sound of Generation Y’s footsteps approaching the halls for that one, and the older generations for appreciating our need to have real lives outside of work and building a good culture for us.

If we keep this going, the people around us (including our kids) will have the same ideals as us. Maybe our hippie predecessors taught us something right. All you need is love.

Have another reason Gen-Y is great? Or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below.