Vision Board Overhaul: Why Yours Isn't Working

One of the first things that life coaches, motivational speakers, and followers of The Secret will tell you to do when you want to improve your life is to create a vision board. A vision board, or dream board, is a collection of visual representations (usually magazine clippings) of your goals and dreams.

After a year of looking at stuff I hadn’t gotten much closer to getting, I realized was that my vision board wasn’t helping me reach my goals because when I looked at what was on it, I didn’t feel motivated at all! It actually made me feel like crap, because I felt so far from where I wanted to be.

I realized: The point of a vision board is to make you FEEL good, because thoughts turn into emotions and your emotions turn into action.

Yes, you want to aim high, but not so high that your subconscious kills your dream before you get started.Let’s get real – my goal of $1 Million by the end of 2012 was unrealistic. The first thought I had when looking at that self-written check was more “yeah right” than “you’re almost there!” That negativity was crippling. But when I changed my financial goal to a picture of my credit card bill paid off – I did it three months ahead of schedule. That success keeps the feeling of abundance going, and I’ll soon be debt free. Much more positive energy than seeing how far away my bank account was from six zeros.

Bottom Line: How good you feel when you look at your vision board is more important than the actual pictures. Choose only words and pictures that make you smile, get your energy pumping (in a good way), and help you get excited for the amazing life waiting for you.