Just Live

Today’s post is a guest contribution by Sprishya Devkota

Walking around with your head held high,
Taking punches as they come,
Forgetting, letting go,
Striving to achieve your dream,
Don’t make that dream your life,
For dreams will come a many,
But life, life there is just one,
Enjoy the fall and hit rock bottom,
It’s darkest before dawn,
Try to succeed or try and fail,
But try! Trying keeps you alive,
For life is not about success,
Although success would be sweet,
But failure isn’t always bitter my friend,
For that failure becomes your comfort,
A comfort that you have faced worse days,
A reminder that there will be better days,
A reminder to just live,
To enjoy your journey to the end,
As things will fall into place,
The way they’re meant to,
So go ahead and just live your life.


Sprishya is a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo. He has taught me many things about life and enjoying the little moments that most people let pass them by. He is currently in Venice Beach, California (send us some sun!) More of his poetry can be found on HelloPoetry.com