Good Enough

When was the last time you felt like you were good enough?

Good enough for your job, or a great relationship, or just plain old good enough to have an awesome life?

It seems like everywhere we turn, it’s always about where we’re lacking and what we could do better. Better paying job, better friends, better clothes, whatever.

Do I think finding where we can grow is critical? Of course. But lately I’ve found myself placing a lot of emphasis on what I’m doing wrong versus what I’ve been doing right all along.

I’ve never been one to toot my own horn. I’ve never thought that any of the things I’ve done were extra-ordinary. But why the fuck not, really?

I gave the speech at my undergrad graduation, where the 5,000+ seat court was almost full. Did I practice? No. Have I told anyone about it since (before now?)No. I let the people who knew know and hardly ever spoke of it. People congratulated me and I could tell they thought it was more important than I did. Looking back, that is definitely one of my uder-appreciated moments.

Each one of us has a part of our lives that someone else would probably pay to have, yet we take them soooo for granted.  So then what are we complaining about all the time? 

Maybe you’re a parent who lived for their children and never had much of a life of your own. Maybe you’re a new mom putting yourself through school. Maybe you just broke up with someone even though you were scared to death to be alone, or took a job that you don’t necessarily love but that makes you feel more stable. These are our personal victories. 

It’s not about never having bad days or never making mistakes . It’s about knowing how to shorten the length of time we let ourselves feel like shit about our lives. It’s knowing how to “let go and let God”, so to speak, and really celebrating our accomplishments.

Today I urge you to recognize your own personal victories, however small they may seem to you. I promise, you have some, and you owe it to your future self to remember just how blessed you really are.

Thank you to Amber Rae for the inspiration on this post.

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